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Build Your Own Empire With an ATM Business

Are you dreaming of being an independent business owner with a business that affords you the free time and passive income you need to live life on your own terms? An ATM business may be the right fit for your goals. In 2019, owner and founder of Atlantic Processing, Tyler Miller, stepped away from the corporate grind in the automotive industry to launch an ATM business, and he’s never looked back! Now, he’s sharing the tools and knowledge of his success with fellow entrepreneurs in our free, comprehensive downloadable guide: Build Your ATM Empire.

Why Start an ATM Business?

There are endless guides for earning passive income through real estate, and that’s the avenue Tyler first explored himself when he was looking at starting his own business. But there’s one problem: Real estate requires a big initial investment. If you don’t have significant capital at the get-go, you won’t get very far. With ATMs, on the other hand, you can build your business with a much more modest investment and still generate passive income like you would with real estate.
ATMs still utilize physical assets, they generate monthly income, and they offer a scalable opportunity to build your own empire! Even better, they don’t require much maintenance or servicing, so they can offer a passive form of income that frees up your schedule while building your financial freedom.

How to Start an ATM Business

Starting an ATM business does involve some knowledge, networking, and a financial investment to get off the ground. Fortunately, you can get all the information you need from someone who’s already done the legwork. Tyler outlines everything you need to know about how to start an ATM business in his downloadable eBook, including:

A complete breakdown of your out-of-pocket costs to get started.

Tips for building partnerships to keep your business running.

Guidelines for choosing your ATM processing provider.

A purchase guide for your first ATM.

Marketing tips.

ATM operation guidelines.

A guide to location agreements.

Buying and setting up your first ATM is the hardest part. Once you’ve done that, you can scale up with a thriving business that becomes easier to manage as it grows!
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