Get to Know Our ATM Company

Atlantic Processing is a trusted ATM provider headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Florida. We offer national service for ATM sales along with ATM partnership programs across the united states. We believe in always going the extra mile for our operators and ATM users, which is why we have quickly become the fastest-growing ATM provider in the Tampa Bay area.

Our History

Atlantic Processing was founded by Tyler Miller in 2019. In just a few short years, our ATM company has grown a stellar reputation for exceptional service thanks to Tyler’s background in automotive sales. He leveraged a decade of sales experience to build a business of his own in the ATM industry with a service- based model that minimizes upfront costs for our clients and maximizes their earning potential.
Since 2019, we have grown to service hundreds of ATMs across Tampa Bay, and we now provide nationwide service with our ATM processing portfolio. From small business owners who want to own and operate an ATM on their premises to independent entrepreneurs seeking a new opportunity with an ATM business, we assist a wide range of clients who have continued to be amazed by our unwavering commitment to excellent customer service with every transaction.

Our ATM Company Mission

The ATM industry is built on consumer trust, which is why we offer fast, transparent electronic payment processing solutions at ATMs across the nation for retail businesses and financial institutions alike. We strive to be leaders in the industry, which is why our top priority has always been the success of our customers and our employees. We don’t just sell and service ATMs; we build lasting relationships to facilitate our clients’ ongoing success.
If you are ready to purchase an ATM or explore our ATM placement programs, contact us today to get started. With our exceptional customer service, you’ll quickly discover why we are a rapidly growing leader in the ATM industry.

Our History

Atlantic Processing is an independent sales organization headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Atlantic Processing was founded in 2019 by Tyler Miller, a professional of the automotive sales industry with over a decade of experience in exceptional sales and service who saw the opportunity of building a service-based business of his own in the ATM industry.

Since our launch we have become the fastest growing ATM provider across the Tampa Bay Area, providing exceptional service of hundreds of ATMs across the Tampa Bay Area and now provide a nationwide reach with our ATM Processing portfolio. Our commitment to excellence is second to none and our positive references speak for themselves.

Our History

Being the nation’s leading provider for retail and financial institution ATM’s and fast transparent, electronic payment processing solutions.

Atlantic Processing’s main priority is the success of our customers and our employees above all things and we are committed to investing our time into these relationships in order to get to our vision.
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